Elon Musk tunnel project expands in Las Vegas…

Seattle came up with a plan to build an elevated light rail that would run from West Seattle to downtown, it was going to be built on the West Seattle freeway. They condemned properties and acquired them using eminent domain and evicted the owners, they tore down a few homes and then the project stalled.
Millions of dollars were invested and all of it disappeared into the engineers drafting tables and got grifted away into nepotistic speculating logistic shell companies belonging to relatives of the city council. Once all the money dried up and the public lost its appetite to fund any more of the fake project the DOT declared it to be unfeasible and shut it down.
You can’t blame the voters even though the city is packed with patchouli smelling armpit hair flapping in the wind pot smoking hippies, elections have been rigged shut for democrats since the nineties. Idiot Sawant, an avowed Marxist who openly used her access card to city hall to allow access for occupy protestors and doxxed the mayors house (which was vandalized with her family inside) recently survived a recall even with an 80% disapproval rating.
Ballots are a waste of paper there.
Musk is cleaning up on urban grift, better he gets the money to fund space projects than some city council members nephew that’ll just squander it on pedo porn, drugs and trips to Disney Land Paris.

Source: Elon Musk tunnel project expands in Las Vegas…

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