Bolivar Run, Constitution Ave. remediation project underway | News

Bolivar Run, Constitution Ave. remediation project underway | News

To rectify some recent complaints, work has begun on the Bolivar Run channel next to Constitution Avenue.

According to city administrator Chris Lucco, there have been no complaints from residents in this specific area as the issue with the Bolivar Run is on the lower side of Constitution, where there are very few households.

Over the years, a stretch of the Bolivar Run stream pushed south, causing water, sediment and vegetation to flow over the stone wall close to Constitution Avenue, Lucco explained.

This week, the contractor Duffy Inc. will commence work to remove the excess sediment and vegetation covering the stone wall in order to push the stream back to its original path of flow. The stone wall will then be replaced with a larger stone known as RipRap to prevent future erosion, Lucco confirmed Thursday.

During the most recent Bradford City Council meeting on June 17, Duffy was awarded the contract for this project. The contract was unanimously…

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