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  1. WE’RE SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG!! a lot of behind the scenes stuff we were having to deal with, thank you all for being so patient!

    (but also how many of you are playing tears of the kingdom?)

  2. the addiction to Tears of the Kingdom is SO REAL!! All my other video games are gaining dust just waiting for me to take a break!
    Great video, happy that Sims could pull you back in for 16+8+4+2+1 minutes 🙂

  3. Can you do one where the time doubles instead of getting cut in half I think it’ll be interesting to see. Love you Caryn and Connie❤!

  4. This turned out so cute! I would get so stressed as my time ran out 😅

    What mod do you use to get individual kits and debug to show up? Is it BetterBuildBuy?

  5. I just subscribed this week and have been obsessing over your decoration skills but I kept getting deja vu while watching your videos… turns out you’ve been coming up on my tiktok fyp for months but I never realized it was the same people each time so I never explored further 😭😭

  6. Do you play bloxburg on Roblox? If you don’t I feel like you guys would enjoy it, plus…. They have string lights..

  7. I just found yall a few weeks ago and I'm OBSESSED. Yall remind me of sitcom humor, it's always very on the nose or dad humor and it gives me cozy vibes like Friends.
    I hope yall continue to make content cause it's very cute and funny! I also think yall would be hilarious and KILL the plumbella or james turner challenges!

  8. You guys should do a zodiac room for a zodiac house, but every room is a different zodiac. Can you please do this?

  9. How do you turn the grid to off to where you can free place stuff? I see you guys doing it so I’m confused as to how to do it on PC

  10. hey i have basically just discovered you and im binge watching all of your vids, but i have idea for you: alphabet challenge …… house shaped as an A, then B, after that C…

  11. OH MY GOSH I AM OBSSESSED WITH TOTK!!! im not even jugding you guys for not posting videos playing the sims bc totk is sooooo good that i understand that is IMPOSSIBLE to stop playing 😭😭😭

  12. It's almost funny how little sims I play and yet how much of your content I consume😅 You're both so amazing to watch and your joy is infectious. I love getting to watch these videos so much, so thank you truly for taking the time and effort to make them💖

  13. YOU GUYS ALREADY HAVE 580K SUBS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE 95K! Im so happy for you two, this is something that some people can only dream of achieving, you honestly deserve it, and your one of my favorite youtubers EVER. You have so much energy, your always super positive, and your both STUNNING! I love watching your channel and I have replayed all your videos 3 or 4 times! <3

  14. finally a video from you! the last time i watched you i was in a psych ward and you guys seriously saved me from my own thoughts and obviously boredom, only appreciation ❤