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  1. You're a living mastermind !
    I've closed my eyes when the testing part comes and I couldn't tell any difference in sound purity 🤯

  2. Cool build but bruh you can't record speakers to show people what they sound like, that's doesn't make any sense. They're still listening on their own speakers/headphones which are limited by their own sound quality and will add their own colour. Not to mention it's also limited by the quality of your microphone, preamp, converters, room, etc.

    That's like setting up a camera in front of your new TV and trying to show someone how HD it looks.

  3. I think if he would have born an 100 years ago he would now be in the school books of people with great innovations, I wonder what his IQ is. (Im an engineer/programmer myself but hes still on a another level of genius)

  4. Found this episode really interesting as it would be any guy's dream to combine their DIY ability (or lack of it) with their dreams of having a good pair of speakers. I respect your dedication towards iterating towards better results. This is the kind of "influencing" the world really needs. Thank you.

  5. It never stops amazing me how proper DIY Perks' builds are. Every step along the way there is attention to detail and much thought. Very impressive and inspiring!

  6. I don't know what's your name is, DIY perks guy…
    But let me tell you that i'm glad smart and cool people like you still exist in this world.
    It gives us another reason to fight
    Thank you for your inspiring work