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  1. Jeremiah is my favorite Donut host. Hands down easy. Dudes funny and smart as hell and he got his ass on that sketched out mini bike FOR SCIENECE, TO DEFEAT MICKEY AND FOR US!!! 😂

  2. Loving the Akira livery! Where's da T-shirt?!?! shut up and take my money! =) The only thing better may be "The World's Fastest Indian!" LOL…but it's a Coleman…hehe

  3. Put a much bigger motor like 200 cc or more or a jet engine or a rocket 🚀. Or a combination of things, that would reach 100 mph or faster

  4. After watching the series in some of the clips at certain angles Mickey reminds me of the rassler Mick Foley. Hair, facial structure and mannerisms…