Columbus bike shop owner discusses Tour de France

A row of cruisers sits outside of Ride On Bikes in Uptown Columbus. (Olivia Yepez)

Columbus, Ga. (WRBL) — For many, July is a time for barbecues and beach days, for avid cyclists its all about the Tour de France. Uptown Columbus shop owner Jason McKenzie of Ride On Bikes explained what the three weeks of the Tour de France look like on a local level.

In 2003, McKenzie opened Ride On Bikes and thrust himself into the world of cycling headfirst. That year was the first time he watched the Tour de France and he was hooked. Every year since then, Mackenzie watches the competition with his team.

“It actually messes up the first hour of my business every day because all of us are watching it,” said McKenzie with a chuckle as he sat at a table in the Ride On Smoothie & Juice Bar connected to his bike shop.

He continued on and said, “We watch it together, you know, so we start before we get to work and then we come in and we all watch.”

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