County budget shows no tax increase

DOBSON — On the surface, young people enjoying friendly competition in a swimming pool seems an uncomplicated pursuit, but a deeper look at the Dobson Dolphins Swim Team reveals waves of financial issues nearly drowning its non-profit operation.

The team owns the public pool in Dobson, located on Gillespie Street, and relies on proceeds from pool users to fund not only its activities, but maintenance and upkeep of the facility and operating expenses.

In addition to user fees and concession sales, the pool and team survive through donations, fundraisers, help from a couple of sponsors and occasional grants — but lately it’s not enough.

“No pun intended, we’re just barely staying afloat,” said Jeff Wolfe, a volunteer with the team since 2016 who serves as certified pool operator for the facility.

“It’s ridiculous how much it takes to keep a pool like that going,” added Wolfe, a longtime local law enforcement officer including with the Mount Airy and Dobson police departments, who says the rising costs of chemicals is a big issue.

The group had to fork out $1,400 for chemicals just to open the pool…


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