“Behind the Arrest: YSL attorney reveals the shocking truth and motivations behind the spectacle”

“They wanted to make a spectacle out of it and teach us a lesson,” YSL attorney says of arrest

On October 8, 2021, a group of individuals held a protest outside the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) store in Beverly Hills, California. The protest was in response to allegations of racism and mistreatment of Black employees at the store.

During the protest, police officers arrived on the scene and arrested seven individuals, including six members of the protest and one individual who was not participating in the demonstration.

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  1. From prosecutor to defense attorney. Yeah you can see how disingenuousness and shady that lawyer is. Make an example, don’t go to court smelling like bud

  2. That's right. You're supposed to follow the rules or you can go to jail. I wouldn't even take my own prescriptions in the courtroom.

  3. Lawyer arrested for prescription pills in his pocket? – guess i break the law daily. Other one – had to write an essay? And a lawyer was ordered by judge to buy him lunch? This is not at all normal behavior from a judge, an appeal on this case would be too easy if convicted.

  4. What's up with the suits dog you can't be yourself here in court so you're just a lying little punk where's your Style you can't wear your style in court then it must be unseemly make you look like a murderer otherwise you'd wear it and be proud of it but now you're in a suit like you're innocent

  5. After looking at that attorney, he looks like the type to smuggle drugs. Surprised that he made it through law school. That other attorney who spoke is a joke. Yes, they did need to handcuff him. He broke the law!

  6. He knew better than that, yes the attorneys are the ones giving their clients the pills. What other reason would this attorney be carrying these loose pills in his pocket so he could easily give it to his client. He tossed that phone because he is afraid of what’s on it. Ill bet these pills are narcotic in some form and text messages in that phone would confirm it

  7. It’s to late to blurr lil Bruh out the world know what he did. He probably in another state or country by now with a new name.