Columbus, GA police chief to leave job April 30, takes $400,00 severance

Columbus, GA Police Chief Ricky Boren announced his resignation on April 30th, bringing an end to his 46-year career in law enforcement. Boren will reportedly receive a severance package of $400,000 upon leaving his post.

Boren’s decision has come as a shock to many in Columbus, as he has been a pillar of the community for decades. He began his career as a patrolman in 1975 before being appointed chief in 2015. During his tenure, Boren faced mounting pressure from residents and community leaders who called for greater accountability and transparency within the department.

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  1. The process that the city council did was unacceptable. The way that this was done and played out in the public was an embarrassment to the city and the council members. This process made them look awful.