Former police officer accused of excessive force resigns and lands a new job in law enforcement

Officer who Resigned Amid Excessive Force Investigation Now Working for Another Police Agency

A former police officer who resigned amid an excessive force investigation is now working for another police agency, raising concern among community members and advocates for police reform.


The officer in question, John Smith, had been with the previous police agency for over a decade when he resigned in 2019 while the department investigated allegations that he used excessive force during an arrest.

The incident occurred during a traffic stop in which Smith pulled over a driver for a broken taillight. According to the police report, the driver became uncooperative and aggressive, leading Smith to use force to subdue him.

However, eyewitness accounts and video footage of the incident contradicted the police report, showing that Smith had used excessive force on the driver, who suffered injuries to his head, neck, and back.

The investigation eventually led to Smith’s resignation from the police department, but it also sparked outrage among community members and advocates for police reform, who called for greater oversight and accountability of law enforcement.

Current Status

Despite the controversy surrounding Smith’s resignation, he was able to land another job with a different police agency in the same state.

The new agency, which has not been named, claims that it conducted a thorough background check on Smith and found no evidence of wrongdoing or disciplinary issues in his previous employment.

However, the decision to hire Smith has been met with criticism and concern among community members and police reform advocates, who argue that officers with a history of excessive force should not be allowed to simply move to another agency and continue their work without any consequences.


Advocates for police reform say that cases like Smith’s highlight the need for greater accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

They argue that police departments should work together to create a national database of officer misconduct and disciplinary actions, which would prevent officers who engage in excessive force or other forms of misconduct from simply moving from one agency to another without any consequences.

They also call for a review of hiring practices at police agencies, including more stringent background checks and psychological evaluations of prospective officers.


The case of John Smith serves as a cautionary tale about the need for greater oversight and accountability of law enforcement. Advocates for police reform say that it is time for a comprehensive overhaul of policing in America, including reforms to hiring practices, training, and disciplinary systems to ensure that officers who abuse their power are held accountable for their actions.

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  1. This is what they ALL do. A cop in my town was under investigation for molesting minors ( which he did an everyone here knows it) he and the chief resigned and less than a month later hes working in the next town over. All awhile being under a serious investigation and still allowed to carry an gun an badge an have authority over people. Finally after over a year he was actually charged. Our police departments and their rules for officers need a complete reform. This shouldnt be ok and we 10000000% need to do away with qualified immunity.

  2. Nah….. Not soo fast, fir those in their feelings GET OUT OF EM. One leg AIN'T no innocent person, just like ghetto Barbie too. You in the police department popping off like that knowing you handicap and when black rush em and take him down… Now it's I got One leg, and THAT trouble making female come y'all many of us from the hood and know the Damage Trail females just like THAT caused. Homeboy probably from the Hood as well and know how our people are and can't step to them like in the white side of Town cause sadly they aren't willing to change their mind set.

  3. Nolan Stellingburg – an Atlanta police investigator – edited out body cam footage of a cop (Tommy Jenkins) assaulting me for coming to the defense of an elderly homeless man. I was forced to plead guilty.

  4. I’m sorry someone needs to peel his skin off that white man behavior why he has to be that way against his own colored people very harsh.

  5. Old fashioned fascist police authoritarianism.
    Police will never have my assistance or loyalty.
    Judges and juries are nasty, vengeful jags as well.

  6. Its far more european cops that get fired or resign here in America that go over to other agencies. Why is this one making the news and not the others? They are all crooked criminal corrupt thug cops.

  7. Not surprised in the slightest. This is SOP with garbage officers to the point “passing the trash” is a term used for a situation like this. Agencies allow the officer to resign, then they go to another department.

  8. Damn that is a nice big new house that guy has now….wonder how he got it? It was also funny how they did not play the audio from that Facetime…I wonder why?

  9. Here is how it works, the officer is given the opportunity to resign in most cases, even theft cases. If they are fired it triggers a POST investigation with more than likely Steve Goodyear.. the sinner stopper, or someone like Steve, it's all down hill from there. If they resign, they can be assigned to any agency in the state of Georgia. I do investigations of such cases, I track them because I found this out and I was baffled. Georgia has 14,000 PLUS decertifications on file as of today. The police departments, well they make it seem like they took care of the problem, nah.. they just extended that blue line love!

  10. This is not what we need in policing. They've been talking about a national database for cops. That needs to happen to keep bad cops from being hired by other jurisdictions. I don't want to see officers like this man in any sort of uniform including security.

  11. Good deal! We need officers that use excessive force to help cleanup "Thugville!" Don't break the law and appreciate our law officers. Let them handle the these thugs however they see fit.