Metro Atlanta woman says moving company holding her stuff ransom for more than $14,000

A Metro Atlanta woman has claimed that a moving company is holding her stuff ransom for an exorbitant amount of money. The woman, who wishes to stay anonymous, had hired the moving company to transport her belongings from her old home to her new one. However, she says that the company has refused to deliver her possessions until she pays them over $14,000.

The woman alleges that when she hired the moving company, they gave her a quote of $8,000. However, when they arrived at her old home, they inflated the price, claiming that her belongings weighed more than they had initially estimated. The woman paid the extra amount, but when the moving company arrived at her new home, they demanded even more money. They claimed that they had to store her belongings in a warehouse due to a dispute with the state about their license.

The woman says that the moving company initially demanded $28,000 to release her belongings, but she managed to negotiate it down to $14,000. However, she claims that even after paying the amount, the moving company still has not delivered her possessions. The woman is now stuck in her new home without her belongings, including essential items like clothes and furniture.

The moving company in question has not made a public statement about the incident. However, reports show that the company has several negative reviews online, with many customers claiming that they have been overcharged and that their belongings were damaged or lost during the move. The company also has a “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The woman in this case is not alone in her experience. Every year, thousands of consumers fall victim to moving scams, where unscrupulous moving companies inflate prices or hold belongings hostage until they are paid exorbitant amounts. This highlights the importance of doing thorough research before hiring a moving company and reading reviews from previous customers.

In this case, the woman has reported the incident to the police, who are currently investigating the matter. She is also considering taking legal action against the moving company. For now, however, she remains desperate to be reunited with her belongings and has warned others to be cautious when hiring movers.

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  1. This is why I've always moved myself. I have a 16' trailer I use as a workshop and storage between moves.
    Being self sufficient gives scammers fewer opportunities.

  2. This moving company needs to be closed down.

    $1000 , but $14,000 to move people'sstuff?! That's a big ripoff!!!

    That's ridiculous.

    Next time rent a UHUAL truck and move it yourself. It's alot cheaper.

    The company is taking advantage of the customer.

    The way they cheat customers, they won't be in business for long and they are outrageously pricey.

    Karma will catch up to them.

  3. In court she will lose. It's shady as heck of the company, but NEVER sign a blank document. It is ultimately is her own fault

  4. How could she research a company when she had no way of knowing who would be bringing her furniture. She signed with a broker, not the actual moving company. This is what movers do now, when I moved king distances in the past it’s was the same guys who loaded my belongings. What they’ve done to this woman and many others is theft by deception as bait and switch.

  5. I'm so lucky when I moved from CA to KY early in 2022. I moved by U-Pack. I've used them twice now on state-to-state moves and they were great. I feel bad for her.

  6. Please never sign anything that’s blank! Once your John/Jane Hancock is on that paper , they can put ANYTHING on there. It’s literally a blank check at that point. Read read read!! And if you don’t feel like it, hire legal help to read it for you!

  7. This is a scam that's been going on for decades. Never sign anything that hasn't been completely filled out. Research the business you're contracting. And never let a mover have possession of your important documents, jewelry, etc. If her things could fit in that storage unit, she probably would have been better off renting a U-Haul and getting a friend or relative to help her with the drive.

  8. Capitalism give companies freedom to screw customers, and file for bankruptcy when things go wrong and walk away with customers money!
    Same thing happening here in the UK where rogue traders or companies have more protection than ordinary citizens! And civil courts are a nightmare, lengthy complicated process and very costly that's why people get screwed!

    And there are no departments that can protect citizens and only offer advice to do your homework!! Really? Is that the best they can do?!

  9. A lot of these movers are nothing more than thieves, and if there is a so-called broker involved your absolutely going to be swindled, only go with a large reputable national mover, they cost more upfront but way less in the end.

  10. $14,000 to move your stuff? I've never owned anything worth that much. When I move, everything fits in one box.

  11. for 4700 bucks to move stuff might as well spend that to start fresh. Move or ship the items that are keepsakes but furniture is furniture. From the picture of the stuff she had to move it didn't seem that much to justify spending nearly 5,000.

  12. Yeah, now I don't give my ex the side eye anymore about when she went off, and began snatching our stuff off the truck and canceled the card we used to order their scam service. 😂

  13. I mean I moved from NYC to Texas in 2018/2019 and paid around $ 1k. I also shipped my car from Texas to nyc from less than $1k. So where do they get $11k from?!? If it were $5,000… I still wouldn’t agree to that price. For that amount… you can just leave your large furniture behind and buy new stuff. She would’ve been so much better off and came out cheaper had she done that. These living companies are crazy, esp. the fact that they have BROKERS!!! Wtf does a moving company need a broker for,,, except to fcuk the consumer?!? Just go straight to the source,,, would reduce all the problems.

  14. After someone robbing the police to influence-peddling by favors known as a felony . You can only imagine what kind of a cost-of-living problem the police have been causing, after allowing criminals to bribe them ! If conflict-of-interest problems where to get connected to the police abuse of powers, stealing is the only job they really have .

  15. If she hadn't been trying to take advantage of me and should have done it herself . Obviously everyone thinks men are here to work for them for free .

    It also helps if you stop people who have been bribed from stealing from truck drivers like the police have been doing

  16. Woah this is so true I used to work for a moving company and they would get you to sign all the paper work and then tell you okay you will get a final total from your sales person

  17. it seems like alot of moving companies are doing this type of scam. or they’ll give you an estimate for a time and their movers take hours longer then charge you thousands more.

  18. Michael and Pam Garrett of Garrett Moving and Storage, Maryland Moving and Southern Maryland Moving, did this to me in 2003. They went through my stuff and stole most of it. They got the stuff, to store for me after the banks, during the mortgage crisis, stole my condo. I had my stuff stored with them for about 6 years. They doubled the price and threatened to sell it off if I didn't pay. So I paid. When the time came to get it back, they said the accounting was wrong for a year so they did the whole threat again. What I got back was all my stuff, rummaged through and valuables stolen. They did this to over 150 people who stored with them in Savage, Maryland. I paid off the years accounting debacle too but they had stolen everything I owned and I got back books and papers. Not much else. I chased them down for 12 years to sue them, got them served and won. They threatened to appeal and we went to settlement. I got over 60K paid over 10 years by them after they divorced. Michael Garrett still does interstate moving and you can't trust him. He has a string of fraud indictments in Maryland alone. I don't know where else. But if you have him come to try to move you, move on. Don't use these people or you will lose your entire living to them. They are from Maryland Easter shore, near Rock Point. They have multiple court cases against them.