Mom jumps in while sons attack teen, police say | FOX 5 News

Authorities have arrested a woman from Douglas County on charges of jumping into a brawl involving her sons and another student. The fight, which was caught on camera, appears to show the parent joining her sons and taking jabs at the sophomore student. The incident took place at dismissal on Friday at Douglas County High School.

The mother of the sophomore student, Lomita Thompson, stated that it is hard for her to look at the video of her 16-year-old son being attacked and beaten by twin brothers and their mother. The disturbing video of the altercation has been shared all over social media, upsetting Thompson. She commented that, “It’s heartbreaking, especially because I saw the video. It’s upsetting. No, I’m furious, and I don’t understand why a parent would involve herself in such an altercation like that, instead of breaking up a fight, you participated with your children in attacking my son.”

Douglas County School resource officers moved in quickly and arrested Mama Kendra Jones. She is now charged with misdemeanor battery following the skirmish. However, Thompson says that the parent should face felony charges. She revealed that “No, it’s not enough. No. I think it should be some type of child endangerment. I mean, you’re on school property amongst children, and my son is 16.”

Thompson, who is a mother of four, says her son was suspended for three days because of the fight. She now wants suspect Jones banned from the Douglas County High graduation that was set to take place the following Friday. “My daughter is graduating this Friday. Um, and from what I’m told, she has a daughter also that is graduating this Friday. Now, I did bring it to the school’s attention for them not to allow that parent who attacked my son to go. She shouldn’t be able to attend any function that the school offers.”

Miss Thompson has expressed her relief that the principal finally called her late that afternoon to say that the suspected attacker will not be able to attend the graduation. However, the district would not confirm or deny that graduation ban.

This incident has caused many people to question the increasingly violent nature of schoolyard fights and the role of parents in such incidents. Experts recommend that parents should always try to calm down situations instead of joining in the fights. They should also teach their children how to handle themselves in conflict or bullying situations, preferably through nonviolent communication and conflict resolution techniques. As this incident shows, getting involved in violence can only lead to more trouble and pain for all involved.

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  1. Stop
    Get a lawyer
    Sue the school and the mom.
    Put your children into Private schools and make sure that they understand why education is important and trying to be some sort of a gangsta is beyond barbaric.

  2. If that was me i take up for my kids to that how much I love them what type of man i be let someone jump my kids yall crazy than the law says you unfit father i refused let anyone mess with my kids and you want lock me up you mess with my kids you mess with me I think God I don't have any i be fighting i want be playing

  3. The mother needs to file a restraining order to legally keep this women away and I would file my own charges against her, hire an attorney and sue her. I wouldn’t care if she only had a dollar to her name, I want it collected and handed over to my son.

  4. Why do we tolerate this vauge description of who, what, and where this event occured. Also the time stamps are so ridiculous one can only conclude thst highway of info is the dumbing down of the public.
    Wake up sleepy heads, wake up!

  5. How are you parenting a child when you're acting like one? What a sad and embarrassing situation. Psalm 127:3 Son's are an inheritance from God…this I'm sure he didn't have in mind 🤔

  6. As a HS coach If it’s a somewhat brutal fight got to defend mines but I will not go all out with a kid even though they can be out of pocket.