‘We’re holding people accountable:’ Fulton County sheriff asked jailers to resign


On August 13th, 2021, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, located in Atlanta, Georgia, requested the resignation of 35 jail officers. This came after an investigation uncovered 37 cases of excessive use of force and 17 incidents of questionable judgment by the jail officers. The incidents date back to January of 2020.

Incident Details

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat conducted an investigation into the allegations of excessive force and determined that the officers involved were not adhering to the department’s policies and procedures. The officers involved in the incidents have been suspended with pay while the investigation is ongoing.

Sheriff Labat stated that he is “holding people accountable” and that any officer found to violate the department’s policies will face consequences. The sheriff’s office has implemented training and changes to their policies to minimize the possibility of future incidents.

Reaction and Response

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the incidents and will provide the sheriff’s office with their findings. The incident has brought attention to the need for police reform and accountability in law enforcement agencies.

The request for resignation has been met with mixed reactions from the public. Some believe that the officers involved should face criminal charges while others believe that the officers are being used as scapegoats for a larger issue of systemic racism and violence in law enforcement.

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  1. Is that how it works ,screw up from incompetence and laysyness then just ask for more money? Blame it on the money?

  2. Resignations are not substitutes for arrests. These are crimes. If the law doesn't step up, expect people to eventually solve their own problems.

  3. That place is so disgusting. Nobody should be in no place like that. Neglect and they never check on him knowing his condition

  4. Hmmmmm…. too bad they don't have some people sitting around doing nothing better, who could be cleaning these cells and helping to keep the place maintained🤔

  5. They need to go and investigate that whole place and all the guards that were supposed to be watching that young man and I let him die that horrific way they need to be held accountable arrested ASAP

  6. He said you can come in with the parasites which is true, but you’d think when they search you they would see the bugs if you’re infested. SMH people just can’t do the right thing. The world ain’t messed up, we are, and it’s sad cuz we don’t have to be this way.

  7. What's stupider an telling me to date my sister in law, knowing there's a stalker walking around telling me it's my uncle's frank Fulton's birthday may he rest in peace, go George floyd

  8. Y does it always take someone to die
    Before political officials force penal and law officials to better the condition in which prisoners live
    Eaten by bed bugs
    That isnt the problem
    Thats just the symptom of a bigger disease
    Evil hiding under the guise of authority💯

  9. Didn’t they feed him they had a have seen something was wrong with him he wasn’t completely ignored unless they didn’t give him anything to eat and why was he in there for so long if it’s like the psych ward didn’t a doctor go there and talk to him ? The way he passed away is horrific my neighbor went on vacation for 2 weeks I didn’t know he had bedbugs until they came into my apartment because their food source was gone ( him ) he also set o😢a bug bomb closed his door and left. I was so bitten up it was awful I thought I had a rash from something but didn’t know from what and then discovered it was bedbug bites I had to throw away all my furniture and other things because I was so infested with them he denied having them as one was crawling on his shirt when I was talking to him. He didn’t throw away anything in his apartment NOTHING ‼️ I don’t understand why unless because a exterminator came to my apartment and they were gone from his apartment and stayed in mine and died there I wouldn’t wish bedbugs on anyone it’s a TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE THIS POOR MAN HAD A EXTREMELY HORRIFIC DEATH 😢 maybe some of the people who ignored him should sit in that cell and be ignored and have bug’s feeding on you and lice infesting your whole body as well he’s in a better place now NO MORE BUGS ‼️👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊