Wild raw video: Security confronts woman who boarded Delta flight without ticket or ID

On October 2nd, 2019, a video surfaced on the internet of a woman who managed to board a Delta airline flight without a ticket or any form of identification. The incident took place at the Orlando International Airport in Florida and was captured on video by another passenger.

The video begins with a security officer asking the woman for her boarding pass and identification, to which she replies that she left them at home. The officer then asks for her name, and the woman responds by saying that her name is “Jean.” However, the officer points out that she is wearing a name tag with a different name on it.

At this point, the woman becomes agitated and starts to argue with the officer. She claims that she has a boarding pass on her phone, but when the officer asks to see it, she becomes defensive and refuses to cooperate.

The security officer then calls for backup, and a Delta employee arrives on the scene. The employee asks the woman for her name and tries to verify her identity, but she continues to be uncooperative. She even makes a scene by attempting to board the plane despite not having a ticket or any form of identification.

The Delta employee then makes the decision to remove the woman from the plane. When the woman resists, the officers forcibly remove her from the plane, causing her to scream and struggle. The video ends with the woman screaming and shouting at the officers as they escort her off the plane.

It was later revealed that the woman’s real name was Sylvia Rictor, and she was arrested and charged with several crimes, including trespassing and battery. It is still unclear how Rictor managed to board the plane without a ticket, but security experts believe that it may have been an oversight on the part of the airline or airport staff.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of security measures in airports and the need to remain vigilant in identifying potential security threats. While the incident may have been resolved without any major incident, it highlights the potential dangers posed by individuals who may seek to exploit gaps in security measures.

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  1. What airport is this? After checking in you go through security and have to show ID and ticket , before you board the plane again you show your ticket or phone with the ticket number and some flights ask for ID again , I don’t get this 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. That's the million dollar question.."HOW DID SHE GET ON THE PLANE?" WOW this is scary knowing its that easy to get on a plane without an id or a boarding pass!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE AND NOW IM SCARED OF THE AIRPORT!!! The fact of the matter is SHE'S NUTS!!!!

  3. I would have thought something mentally is wrong with her I don't know if I was a police officer that I would have just let her just walk out. What if she has like Alzheimer's or something

  4. I do believe there is a older woman in Minnesota that does this a MPLS airport & has a gotten on flights severl times.

  5. This is ridiculous! There is no way ANYONE can travel on an airline, get through security without a form of identification. Apparently she has never traveled before because there’s no way TSA would allow you to get through security without an actual ID or passport. I don’t believe she was being truthful about how she got there in the first place because her story doesn’t make sense at all! But if she did manage to to get through security and attempted to board a plane this is very scary. Someone dropped the ball.

  6. No credit card? Does she work….name of her bank…..where did the taxi pick her up from? Hotel? friend?????and she knows the law, like all Karens do…LOLOL.

  7. I believe this lady has mental issues and never had a ticket. Somehow she made her way
    to the airport, by luck or some security flaw, was able to get as far as she did. I would not
    have let her leave until security camera were check to see how the break down in
    security happen.

  8. are there no cameras that would show her movement through the airport? boarding the plane even?? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. If she threw the boarding pass away it should have been on that plane, i don't know if the looked or not but that would have been a good step to take while she's in cuffs and TSA is watching the video from the time she walked in till the time they pulled her off the plane. Her purse should have been taken and searched, even if they needed to get a warrant to do so. The "friend" she came to visit, is that person alive? Did she do something to them and that's why she's being so odd about the ID? Where's her luggage if she's been there for a few days in ATL? And finally WHO THE HELL takes a taxi from North Carolina to Georgia? With no exact location that's approximately a 6 and a half hour drive, 376 miles. CRAZY!!