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  1. So happy to see that Cyberpunk 2077 is living on. I got the game a few days ago, and I'm absolutely loving it (I already have 80H)! I for real thought Cyberpunk was a massive flop with the release fiasco and all that. But I be dammed, you guys recovered it! I actually think you guys (in many ways) beat Rockstar at their own game with Cyberpunk! The story, the gameplay, the ending and the music, almost everything is on point! I am amazed and feel privileged being able to play such a good game!

    You guys rock! I wish you guys a good DLC release and good luck!

  2. I'm praying to the cybergods that cdpr has learned something from edgerunners (I deleted the first comment because I spelled something wrong)

  3. completely disappointed with how it turned out it was different than what I expected (good/bad). However, the story, the world & the lore amazed me. I wished you guys

  4. I hope they add more levels than just 50. As well as hair styles and the storyline being a little longer than the current story mission. Also tattoos and cyber style parts on the body as you get more cybernetics

  5. I loved this game but I wanted to be able to get all the skills once u hit max level ur kinda fucked I hope the dlc changes this