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  1. I had 2 playthroughs on ps4pro. I was a loyal fan, enjoyed the game. Now, I can't play the DLC until I buy a ps5. Feeling a little betrayed here.

  2. I thought y’all said back when this game was more shit than it is now, that these dlc’s and expansions were gonna be free? Now y’all wanna switch cause the game is actually playable now? What a joke

  3. After watching this trailer I still have no fucking idea what Phantom Liberty is about and whether it's worth $30. Terrible marketing.

  4. Well im glad they are fixing the crappy end I just hope Johnny Silverhands part in the plot is minimal which is likely based on this story. I love this world and gameplay but I just couldnt stand that Keanu Reeves was the main character instead of me complete BS