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  1. ive found that quickly switching to vtol and back to normal flight can help take sharper turns in dog fights. plus the quick deceleration when going from flight to vtol presents the

  2. The stealth mode makes it the perfect jet to go against ghost organization jets. The moment they pop it you can go stealth and wait it out. Probably good to give the jet a greenish brown camo cause the moment they loose track of you they’ll fly high looking for you looking down. It’ll be harder to spot you near the ground especially in vtol and not moving much.

  3. This update has effectively nerfed my account- only plane i have is the mid f-160, i have a stealth chopper (not for long but still made a massive loss) it has made my facility a relitivley large waste o money and yeh. at least i have 2 mil of the bat for selling stuff that is no longer useful

  4. The people pretending to know alot about aviation within this comment section is hilarious. And somehow so many of them manage to be so wrong…