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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced that they will accept mobile driver’s licenses at select checkpoints, moving towards a technology-driven future. Georgia has become one of four states, including Utah, Iowa, and Florida, to introduce mobile driver’s licenses on iPhones, making it a highly anticipated feature.

However, the question arises- is it safe? Emory assistant professor of information technology, Recev Garg, stated that all indications are that the technology is safe so far, at least for Apple products. Prof. Garg believes that this innovation marks the beginning of a new era and that the state has done the right thing by implementing it slowly.

Garg stressed that users would need to confirm that they wish to use their digital ID by double-tapping their phone with the facial recognition process, making it significantly safer than a physical ID card.

While Georgia officials make it clear that physical ID must be present, it is only a matter of time before the digital ID replaces it. For now, individuals can use it at specific checkpoints, with the state rolling out the feature gradually.

Adding the mobile driver’s license to a wallet app on an iPhone is relatively simple: users need to go into the wallet app, click the plus button, select driver’s license and follow the procedure, noted Garg.

However, safety remains a concern, and Garg thinks that the biggest risk with a digital ID is with individuals unwittingly letting sketchy websites or apps access their identity.

He advises people to pay close attention to the information they enter and ensures that recognized sources collect this data. Garg stresses the importance of attention and effort to keep data secure, secure.

In the future, Garg believes that this innovation may lead people to get rid of their wallets entirely. Law enforcement officials can use mobile readers to read a digital license instead of requiring physical documentation, predicted Garg.

In conclusion, the innovative mobile driver’s license is an enormous thing for a tech-driven world, but safety remains the top priority. With new technology comes new challenges, and users must maintain utmost care when handling their data, ultimately ensuring that it remains secure.

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