Front yard of home racks up $11K in fines, leaving neighbors livid 

Is this America’s DIRTIEST driveway? Furious Detroit residents slam homeowner for his ‘eyesore junkyard’ as they accuse him of dodging $11,000 in fines and call for him to be evicted


Furious Detroit residents have slammed a homeowner for his ‘eyesore junkyard’ as they accused him of dodging $11,000 in fines and called for him to be evicted. Residents of Faust Street in the Michigan city have even said they considered moving out due to the mess left by one neighbor. Images show mounds of motor parts, chains, vehicles, and other miscellaneous goods can be seen strewn across the front yard of the property. Neighbor Martha Thomas (pictured left) told Fox2: ‘It’s an eyesore. It’s like a junkyard over there and it’s not getting any better. Every other day we see a Penske truck drive up, and they’re emptying…

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