Autopsy to be released for man who allegedly died being eaten alive by bed bugs inside Fulton County

The family and community of Lashawn Thompson are preparing to gather at the State Capitol to await the release of his autopsy report. Thompson died while in the custody of the Fulton County Jail, a death that has been described as one of the most horrific cases seen by one of the family’s attorneys. Reports have suggested that Thompson was allegedly eaten alive by bed bugs while in the facility. The autopsy findings are set to be made public, and both the Georgia N Double ACP President Gerald Griggs and civil rights attorney Crump are expected to attend the press conference.

Thompson’s death has been a source of intense grief and anger for his family. They have been vocal in their calls for justice to be served, and the release of the autopsy report is much anticipated. The findings are expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Thompson’s death and whether the jail staff’s neglect contributed to his demise.

According to reports, Thompson was found covered in both bed bugs and lice while in custody. The sight was said to be shocking and indicative of the neglect that he had been subjected to during his time in jail. The revelation of this fact has only added to the family’s belief that their loved one was not treated humanely and that there was a severe lack of care while he was in custody.

In a statement ahead of the press conference, attorney Crump suggested that the autopsy findings confirmed that Thompson was killed by the jail staff’s neglect. The statement highlights the family’s belief that no one lifted a finger to help Thompson while he was being attacked by the bed bugs. The inaction and cruelty exhibited by the jail staff are thought to have contributed to his death, according to the statement.

The press conference is expected to take place at 11:30 AM at the State Capitol, and updates will likely be forthcoming as the day progresses. The family and community are no doubt eagerly awaiting the release of the autopsy findings, hoping that justice will be served for Thompson. His tragic death serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring that all individuals are treated humanely and with dignity, regardless of their circumstances.

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  1. Well, ive never heard of bedbugs and lice infestation being life threatening on its own, but he may have had some other debilatating illness and the infestation just pushed him over the edge…but sometimes the crime he was in for may have contributed to inaction on part of the staff to seek treatment for him. I used to work as a phlebotist in a hospital and had to take blood from several patients where i was warned to take precautions to protect myself because the patient had lice and they would not treat it. I guess becuse they were uninsured. Just a guess, though! There would be patients that were labelled "frequent flyers" that would insist on being checked into the hospital and then complain they were in chronic pain and ask to be administered pain medication. They would press the call button repeatedly only to be ignored by the staff until they left on their own accord. It was eyeopening and shocking to me to watch the goings on in the hospital. So they could have very well neglected him, but i sincerely doubt he died from just the infestation, although it could have contributed to his death when combined with already poor health and no medical attention over a period of time. Or he could have neglected himself and just refused to practice good hygiene. Combining that with poor health can contribute to getting sick. Maybe even death. I watched an episode of Dr.G medical examinor where she autopsied a guy who had dental problems, an absessed tooth that he simply didnt get medical attention for. It spread down his neck and i guess he got sepsis from the infection because he just laid in bed and took over the counter pain medication. They found him deceased in clothes he hadnt changed out of for months before his death and his skin had a green pallor.

  2. Accusations sound like it is real. Sad to hear though. In a place like where he was what do you really expect. Stay out of their jail problems solved. Love yourselves, people.

  3. Just the fact that this headline is here, in part "died being eaten alive by bed bugs" shows how STUPID so many Americans are. Bed bugs can't "eat a man alive" and even if someone has a severe allergic reaction to the bite, which itself is very rare, expiring from it won't happen. The American public, especially ones who may "frequent" this "news" channel, are largely ignorant, and with this local channel being basically a tabloid, they fully know the stupidity of the people watching. This headline alone shows it and if one can't see this is nothing but an attempt at a money grab, I don't even know what to say.

  4. Mental prisons are much worse then normal prisons. In normal prisons you have a chance of being released. In mental prisons you will never be released . People think that if they say they have a mental illness and they act their way into convincing the Psychiatrist which is pretty unlikely but it does happen. You may be deemed a danger to society and you will be knocked back from being released. And once a Psychiatrist has signed your papers never to be released on grounds of mental illness and could be a danger to society you have pretty much sealed your fate. People think that they will get off and be found not guilty on grounds of impaired thinking and mental illness, but not so. I recommend that you donโ€™t lie and say to the detectives and the police Psychiatrist that you have a mental illness when you donโ€™t. You could open a door to a hell on earth that is permanent until death. So donโ€™t play the mental card with people in power. Also society treats people who are mentally ill with hatred, distain, malice and down right cruelty. Society has a lot to answer for when it comes to the treatment of people with a Psychosis.

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