Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs new bills, including some controversial ones

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 Action News, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp discussed the bills he signed into law, which included some controversial ones. One of the most contentious new laws is the creation of a commission to oversee Georgia‘s prosecutors. Critics claim that the law targets Democratic prosecutors across the state, including Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, who has been investigating former President Donald Trump and others.

Governor Kemp, however, insists that the commission will go after prosecutors who are not prosecuting certain crimes either on purpose or through incompetence. He believes that people are fed up with local prosecutors who are not doing their job and fulfilling their duties under the law. The Governor also highlighted the state’s budget of $32 billion, which includes pay raises for teachers, law enforcement, and state employees.

One of the significant new bills is a law requiring Georgia schools to conduct active shooter drills and one forcing local municipalities to enforce their ordinances on homelessness. Another bill Kemp signed makes recruiting children in street gangs a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. There is also a bill banning outside money for local election offices.

Overall, Governor Kemp is pleased with the bills he signed and believes that they fulfill the priorities he set out during his campaign. He stated that they have fully funded K-12 education and given a billion dollars back to taxpayers through the amended budget.

While the prosecutorial oversight commission law has come under scrutiny, Governor Kemp believes that it will ultimately benefit the people of Georgia by ensuring that prosecutors are doing their job correctly. The controversy surrounding the law comes amid tensions between Kemp and some Democratic prosecutors over his handling of the pandemic and election-related issues. Despite this, the Governor remains steadfast in his commitment to making Georgia a better state for all its citizens.

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  1. so my local DA has charged me with 4 felons and in both cases the Executive Branch failed to bring videos evidence to the court room smh. i pleaded misdemeanors both times. hopefully the Governor who can’t protect his daughter BF bill is ab limited the power of the DA. cause you dont how bad this hurts

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  3. Peace 💙and 💜Blessings❤️ Too 💚My💙 Brothers 💜May ❤️God💚 Bless💙 Everyone 💜Always❤️ May❤️ God💙 Bless ❤️Everyone 💚Richly💙 with💜 everything 💚they❤️ need 💙Always❤️ Much💚 Love❤️ Blessings💜 Always ☺️ 🎇 🌈 🌐 💯✌️💚❤️💜💙💙💙💙💜💜💜

  4. Everything is "controversial" when not everyone agrees. The Leftist Medias defines "controversial" as anything they dont agree with. The Fake News Media is Americas problem.

  5. All of this stuff sounds like good things, prosecutor reign-ins included. Considering that there are so many criminals who feel they can go do whatever they want, it’s a good sign that Georgia is turning around.

  6. KKKemp dragging us back to the 1950's. The women of Georgia have lost the control of their own bodies. The judicial branch has been undermined to protect Trump's crimes.

  7. “Each District Attorney is an elected constitutional officer …” So, no “local control“? Sounds like Brian is paving the way for political hit jobs on DAs he, and his ilk, don’t like. So fascist.🥀