Georgia man says Cash App transferred $1,000 out of his account and won’t give it back

On November 25th, 2019, a Georgia man claimed that Cash App, a mobile payment service, transferred $1,000 out of his account without his permission and refused to give it back.

According to the man, his account was hacked and he reported the incident to Cash App immediately. However, Cash App allegedly denied the claim and refused to refund the money.

The man claims that he provided evidence that the transfer was unauthorized, including screenshots of transactions he did not make. Despite this evidence, Cash App reportedly stated that the transfer was legitimate and would not issue a refund.

This incident sheds light on the security of mobile payment systems. While services like Cash App offer convenient ways to send and receive money, they also rely heavily on the security of personal information and financial data.

In response to the incident, Cash App released a statement reminding users to enable two-factor authentication and to only link their accounts to trusted sources. The company also stated that they would investigate the incident to determine if any fraudulent activity had occurred.

This is not the first time Cash App has faced controversy. In 2018, the company was criticized for promoting a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange without proper regulation. In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against Cash App over a fraudulent scheme that used the app to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.

In light of these issues, it is important for users to take precautions when using mobile payment services. It is recommended to enable security features like two-factor authentication and to only use trusted sources for linking accounts.

Overall, this incident highlights the importance of secure mobile payment systems and the need for increased regulation and accountability in the industry. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial to ensure that personal information and financial data are protected.

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  1. They locked my card n tried to keep my money so I got smart n just deposited the money into my side bank account then I closed my cash app n bank account

  2. They doing me the say way and also the let the people order a card with my information but there cash app name so it look like I was sending money back to myself and over $5000 in between them and cash app then closed my account out.

  3. Did you ever wonder how these cash apps make money with so little de fees? Spot on ! By stealing from their customers. I lost $300 with Xoom two years ago and never going back to cash apps. Western Union is the most trustworthy transfer tool out there and trust me, paying their decent fees is worth it..

  4. I had that attempt made on me a few years ago, wasn't happy with the customer service at metro PC's and feel the guy wanted access to my cash app for that very purpose… watch out y'all.

  5. This happens w cash app all the time. A lot of people just haven't come forward. It happened to a tenant 4 yrs ago, 500.00 was transferred to my account then removed . The tenant had to pawn something to pay her rent . We found the fake customer service number on Google, and they tried scamming people I'd sent money to, and she never got her money back.. Wonder if his death is connected like Karma😮

  6. It's been well known that if your Cashapp gets hacked, and someone steals your money, they will not return it. I make it a point not to leave money in there and to disconnect my cards and bank info from there if I'm not expecting any money from anyone. It's inconvenient but it's more inconvenient to have your money stolen and have to fight to get it back.

  7. Lots of people are getting paid lately this is legit this is a giveaway it’s also a way to claim your payment,I’m not here to hurt you cause you got your family and bill and all of take care of, So I see no reason just to make life hard for,a lot of people has been getting paid successfully and got their payment

  8. This is why I generally don't leave money sitting in my cashapp and I only deposit what I need when I need to pay for something.

  9. They did my like that as well.. I asked where my money went because the money was being transferred to me but I didn't get all of my money!! I was 😡😡😡😡 and then they closed my card and told me I had to create another cash app card

  10. Scammers scammed me using cash app and they wouldn't even give me my money back.. my question to cash app was you do not allow people to use prepaid cards they have to have bank cards so when they took the money from my bank what did they transfer the money to??? That's when cash app stop responding.. I say it's an inside job