Lashawn Thompson autopsy report released

The autopsy report for LaShawn Thompson was recently released, revealing that his death was a result of severe neglect. Thompson, who suffered from untreated schizophrenia, was completely reliant on his caregivers at the Fulton County Jail to provide him with both day-to-day care and acute life-saving care. The report also highlighted the poor living conditions and extensive and severe body insect infestation, including bed bugs, that Thompson experienced. He had not received medical treatment in over 40 days and suffered from dehydration and rapid weight loss.

The family of LaShawn Thompson, who were present at the press conference along with their attorneys and community activists, have made the decision to share the autopsy report with the public in the spirit of Emmett Till. Attorney Ben Crump, who represents the family, stressed that this was one of the most deplorable in-custody deaths in the history of America and called it a homicide.

The report was provided by Dr. Roger Mitchell, a board-certified forensic pathologist and head of forensic pathology at Howard University in Washington D.C., who was authorized by the Know Your Rights Camp to conduct the independent autopsy on behalf of the family. The family thanked Colin Kaepernick for paying for the autopsy, as he has done for many families whose loved ones have died in highly questionable conditions.

Attorney Micah Hopper highlighted some of the mechanisms of death found in the report, including the fact that Thompson’s death resulted from complications due to severe neglect, evidence of untreated schizophrenia, poor living conditions, poor grooming, extensive and severe body insect infestation, dehydration, and rapid weight loss. The manner of death was ruled a homicide.

The report also noted that the severe neglect, including the failure to treat Thompson’s mental health condition, ultimately led to his death. It was heartbreaking for the family and disgusting for others to hear how he suffered, including being bitten by bed bugs all over his body.

The press conference included statements from State Leader of the NAACP, Attorney General Griggs, and Reverend Jamal Bryant to try to comfort the family as they heard the scientific findings about their loved one’s death. The family and their attorneys implored the public to read the detailed autopsy report and tell the world about what happened to LaShawn Thompson at the Fulton County Jail. They emphasized that this was part of a larger pattern of neglect and called for justice for Thompson and others who have suffered under similar circumstances.

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