USPS replacing thousands of locks, collection boxes to discourage postal thefts

The USPS is Replacing Thousands of Locks and Collection Boxes to Discourage Postal Thefts

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is taking action against postal thefts by replacing thousands of locks and collection boxes throughout the country.

Postal thefts have been on the rise in recent years, with criminals targeting mail and packages for personal information, financial information, and valuable items. These thefts not only harm individual victims but also negatively impact the USPS’s reputation and financial stability.

The Lock Replacement Initiative

The USPS’s lock replacement initiative involves replacing the locks on apartment and building mailboxes. These locks are often targeted by thieves who use tools to break them open and steal mail. The USPS is installing new locks that are harder to pick or break open, making it more difficult for thieves to access mailboxes.

The USPS is also replacing the locks on their dropbox collection boxes. These boxes are often targeted by thieves who break open the locks or fish out mail using makeshift tools. The new locks are more secure and will help prevent these types of thefts from occurring.

Additionally, the USPS is replacing keys for locks that have been deemed at high risk. This will prevent would-be thieves from gaining unauthorized access to mailboxes and collection boxes.

The Collection Box Removal Initiative

As part of their efforts to combat postal thefts, the USPS is also removing a number of collection boxes throughout the country. These boxes have been deemed to be at high risk of theft and are being taken out of circulation.

While some customers may be inconvenienced by these removals, the USPS believes that the overall impact on customers will be minimal. Many customers now opt to use online services to pay bills and receive important documents, and the USPS has seen a decline in the need for collection boxes in recent years.

The Importance of Protecting Mail

The USPS has emphasized the importance of protecting mail and packages against theft. In addition to the financial losses suffered by individual victims, postal thefts also undermine the confidence customers have in the USPS.

By implementing these lock replacement and collection box removal initiatives, the USPS hopes to strengthen their reputation and restore customer trust. They also encourage customers to take steps to protect themselves against theft by being aware of common scams, reporting suspicious activity, and using secure mailboxes and drop-off locations.


The USPS’s lock replacement and collection box removal initiatives are a proactive step towards combating postal thefts. By investing in more secure locks and removing boxes that are at high risk, the USPS is working to protect their customers and restore confidence in their services.

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  1. Americans love to spout how superior and technologically advanced they are, yet so much in their country is antiquated. Other countries have figured out how to incorporate new technologies into their society, making things modern and faster. Their roads are crumbling, tens of thousands of bridges that were built in the 50’s-60’s need replacement, they’re still using stacks of paper along with a pencil to fill out medical forms, the schools are behind in design and learning equipment, for Christ sake to this day they’re still finding asbestos in habitable buildings. The only thing America seems to invest gobs of money in are their military. The world is passing them by why they argue still, over race, equality and money. Greed, racism and arrogance are destroying them from within.🤔🤦🏼‍♂️😧😞

  2. That’s why I pay my bills online and send emails and send birthday cards online will never trust the post office again plus it only take 5 min to pay online the three week to worry weather your check got there and hope it didn’t get stolen 😊

  3. I’m not surprised. It’s about time they updated security anyway. This needed to happen 10 years ago