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The live WGXA News broadcast at 5:30 from downtown Macon is now available on YouTube. The hosts, Amanda Peralta and Greg Lloyd, welcome viewers to the Middle Georgia news program. The top story of the day concerns the search for a man who put another man in critical condition after firing gunshots at a local gas station. Bibb County deputies are currently on the lookout for the suspect, last seen wearing a black shirt, pants, and a backpack. Authorities are also looking for a white Nissan Altima with a specific tag number in connection to the case and are requesting any information from the public.

The next story covers the evacuation of Walmart on Zebulon Road due to a terroristic threat. The Sheriff’s Office asked all employees and customers to evacuate the store around two this afternoon while investigators looked into the situation. Although the store has since been reopened, no arrests have been made and no information regarding the threat has been confirmed.

The article then moves on to the tragic story of a teen who accidentally killed his roommate while playing with a gun. Devante Ross is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after telling deputies that he and Zachary Morris were playing with the gun when Morris was fatally shot.

The article takes a somber turn as it highlights a vigil memorializing victims who lost their lives to domestic violence. Community members were invited to hang a tag on the Tree of Hope with their loved one’s name on it. The tree was planted on K Street in honor of domestic violence victim Les Maki Fountain, who was shot and killed by her longtime boyfriend back in 2015. The Smokey Foundation hosted the event on the 8th anniversary of Fountain’s death, using her memory to raise awareness and provide hope to those dealing with domestic violence.

Finally, the article turns to Meteorologist Ryan Mirando, who brings viewers a preview of the weather for the week ahead. Although it has been a wet and dreary day across Middle Georgia, Mirando assures us that the sunshine will be peeking through the clouds tomorrow afternoon, starting a trend of warming weather for the rest of the workweek.

In addition, viewers are updated on Black Wolf, a security-focused ride-sharing app, which was created by Carrie King Brown, a private investigator with experience as a celebrity bodyguard. The app offers drivers who have training in the military, law enforcement, or security, and passengers can even request a driver to stick around after drop-off for additional protection.

Lastly, the article discusses the lifeguard shortage that caused the closure of pools last summer and has returned this year. The city of Tulsa, for example, has 30 lifeguards on hand, with 40 needed to keep all pools open. To combat this issue, government leaders are offering bonuses and pay increases to attract more lifeguards. Despite the efforts, last year, about a third of public pools nationwide were impacted by the lifeguard shortage.

In summary, the WGXA News live broadcast on covers a range of stories, from serious and tragic tales of death and violence to security-focused ride-sharing and weather updates. Despite the challenges, Middle Georgia residents continue to persevere and work towards solutions in the face of adversity.

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