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  1. i love how in Gluttony ring, there's more Hellhounds than an average imps just like most animals will fight off others to get their food for themselves

  2. Respect. For design, music and beautiful fluidity of animation. This is high-level, high-gloss entertainment. Thanks for doing this. Helluva is an important story in my life. Behind all the smart and vulgar jokes, careful animation, super dubbing and music is a really well told story about real emotions of real people. Friendship and even love and searching for each other between relatives and even a family of smaller and larger demons in hell. Well, pure gold. So yes. Thanks for season one. Don't stop.

  3. I need to say something because I see twitter exploding with criticism for Queen Bee's design and I just have to say:

    Thank you. Thank you for putting a super unique spin on the concept of Gluttony as a character. I took one look at her and fell in love with her design. The idea that a demon can be genuinely caring while still sticking true to the idea of the Sin they embody is genius. And having her not just be another overweight depiction of grotesqueness and be actually something that someone wants is so much more insidious as one of the Seven.

    I adore all of this. From her vicious streak to how she walks around to the different party guests and checks on them, and the way she genuinely cares about her partygoers when Blitz is making the vibe sour. Genuinely excellent character design and I just wanted the team to know how utterly amazing their work is.

  4. This is the second wholesome episode compared to M&M's date. Luna and Blitz have somewhat of a father-and-daughter time, her calling him dad a couple of times, and she takes care of him. It does make me wonder if Queen Bee is the sin of Gluttony. She feeds everyone sweets and other food, while Lust runs a Night Club. I am glad that they finally released the last episode of season 1. You can see the amount of hard work animation they put in. Keep up the amazing work.

  5. I wonder if when they wrote vortex's "my girlfriend likes to party etc." line in episode three they knew if his girlfriend was going to eventually be beelzebub
    because at the time it just looked like it was just for jealously points/going to lead to some inevitable love triangle and I think that was their intention at the time

  6. I love how Bee is actually nice, friendly and was right about being concerned for Blitzo and I hate how Loona was so jealous and mean to her

  7. Given how the Dr. Luke/Ke$ha lawsuit was settled out of court only a day or two ago, I wonder if THAT was the reason why this episode was delayed for as long as it was…