Here’s Why Some People Are Burying Pennies in Their Garden

Most who have a garden in South Louisiana know how difficult it can be to maintain it due to all of the elements down south.

Keeping your plants alive can be very challenging and frustrating here, from the heat to diseases in the soil, gardens are hard to maintain.

Well, some people are swearing that pennies, yes the small coins that most rather not deal with, can help preserve and protect your plants.

Pennies contain copper, which is antifungal and antibacterial, and some swear that burying pennies around their plants seems to protect the plants from diseases that are present in the soil.

The only catch is the currency used must be prior to 1982.

By burying the pennies, that contain this copper, around your plants you can create a barrier around those in your garden. This prevents bad things in the soil from reaching and damaging what you planted.

So, if you have a garden at home and have plenty of pennies in your coin jar, look for those produced prior to 1982 and bury them around your…


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