Hunter Dickinson appears on Rock Chalk Unplugged

Hunter Dickinson made an appearance on the Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast with former Kansas basketball fan favorites Mitch Lightfoot and Chris Teahan.

Hunter Dickinson, who the Kansas Jayhawks acquired via the transfer portal this offseason, has been very vocal since he arrived in Lawrence. He’s been featured on the Jayhawker podcast with former Kansas basketball superstar Wayne Simien and has spoken on several platforms about his decision to join head coach Bill Self.

His most recent appearance was on Rock Chalk Unplugged, a podcast hosted by Mitch Lightfoot and Chris Teahan. In the interview, he spoke about his conversations with Coach Self, why he joined the Jayhawks, how offseason practices have been, and much more.

For the first time ever, the podcast was held in front of a live audience. Dickinson signed autographs and answered questions from fans once the episode concluded.

Dickinson cited NIL and culture as the two primary motivations for joining Kansas. When discussing his…

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