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  1. Eid Mubarak means happy Eid .Eid is a holiday where Muslims wear new clothes and celebrate by going to fancy places and have fun.there are two types of Eid one comes after Ramadan as a gift from Allah for fasting it’s called Eid ul fitr and the other one is where you sacrifice cows and goats and camels it’s in the sacrifice of a naby for accepting what Allah ordered him to do (sacrifice his son ) and both Eid’s go for three days and their names are eid um fitr and eid ul Adha . In fact eid ul adha in this week ! Eid Mubarak to all Muslims .I hope my comment helped ! 😊

  2. Pretty sure that straightener that wasn't a straightener is suppose too be used under your top layer of hair, brushed out and then the top hair placed over to tease your hair and add volume

  3. idk if someone already mentioned it or if anyone wants to know, but the balloon said Eid Mubarak on it, in both Arabic and English so it was probably someone's decor for Eid which is an Islamic celebration. Muslims celebrate two Eids during the year.

  4. I love Temu. I get stuff all the time from there! And the Stanley dupe is definitely worth it. Because I sure as hell ain’t paying $50 plus for a cup just to hold my water lol!

  5. That red night dress with white hearts is what I'm wearing right now…😂 i got it from Shein not temu lol

    Also-loving the videos! Keep up the awsome work!

  6. All this stuff makes me want to go live in a van so it will all be totally useless and I will be free. . .

  7. the green thing with a cat figure can be a pet hair remover for washing machines 🙂 you put it in machine with your clothes and theoritalcally it pulls hair.i have one.doesnt work :/

  8. The balloon said "Eid Mubarak" it's a holiday which us as muslim celebrate .. and it's gonna be in 3 days
    Love you hope i always enjoy watching your videos 🥰

  9. Ive ordered from Temu about 3 times and most items are ok. You absolutely should be advised to be aware of the you get what you paid for because things can have low quality. My last order made me hesitate on buying from them again though . I got a private part template for shaving shapes. It had hair all over it. So I instantly knew it was obviously used. I was totally discussed. Please be cautious on items you buy. I never was a person that washed clothes or other stuff I got but I most defiantly will after that. P.S I threw that item away I was not using that 🙅🏽‍♀

  10. The balloons say 'Eid Mubarak' (written in Arabic) the literal translation means blessed eid which is a religious holiday for muslims (we have 2 eids=holidays : Eid el Futr- after Ramadan and Eid Al Adha ) the expression is used as a greeting for others in celebration of Eid. Hope that helps 😊