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  1. You could have just bone mealed sunflowers for yellow dye, they also give 2 yellow dye per sunflower and it is way easier

  2. I'm currently crying so hard right now.

    This is seriously the most beautiful, well put together story ever. I can't believe how magical it was 1:12.

    That part truly made me shed a tear.

    And especially at 6:34 that part was just so truly heart touching words can not describe the series of emotions I felt. I absolutely loved the climax it had insanely excellent detail. Oh and we can't forget the conclusion. The conclusion was the greatest and saddest conclusion I have ever seen better than any of the books I have read. Thank you so much for creating this absolute masterpiece. This is essentially the most important masterpiece of film history. It is a tragedy that this, it can't be called a film, but a transcendent emotional experience, will be inaccessible for most. It beautifully encapsulates the human struggle to its basics;

    suffering, pleasure, faith, despair. It connects with the characters within the viewers, individuals suppressed within our own subconscious. It stays vibrant, fresh, and revolutionizes the art of storytelling and filmmaking while making a Damm of statement on What it means to be human.

  3. I can’t believe how great you have turned out, I’ve been here since the Minecraft hide and seek and the eima jolen days and it’s great coming back to see how you’re doing

  4. For the next episode you could actually put beacons inside of the domes in stead of the dragons, Just an idea. Good job❤