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  1. I'm sure this comment has already been made, but at 12:00 james states that he misses the funnel even though it's kinda pointless. The funnel is shaped to hold the aeropress (please try inserting the funnel into the cup and putting the aeropress on top), and I use it because the filter/bottom bit of the device doesn't actually fit in my cup on its own, but the funnel will. The cups I have (and that I very much enjoy drinking coffee out of) are ones I have for moka coffee, which tends to be stronger than what I brew in the aeropress and therefore don't need to be that large.

  2. i don’t really use the paddle anymore with my current brew technique, but i can’t imagine using an aeropress without the filter holder or the funnel

  3. I had an aerobie disc when I was a kid. I liked it because it flew much further than a frisbee. But my favorite part was that I learned to use it as a sort of boomerang and have it fly right back to me. So, I couldn't wait to get my hands on an aeropress, invented by the same person. But I am really stumped. I cannot get the thing to fly through the air at all. It is not aerodynamic at all. Even the little round piece with holes in it falls helplessly to the ground after a few short meters if I throw it by itself. And pressing on it before throwing doesn't seem to do anything at all.. It has no aerodynamic balance at all. Is the aeropress a sick joke?

  4. I took my aeropress and Sage Smartgrinder Pro on holiday last week, as an easy and portable way to enjoy some lovely coffee whilst away. The Aeropress funnel was especially useful as the top is the perfect width for the grinders collection pot, so it was very easy to fill up. I think it's a bit rude excluding all those useful extras.
    I've had my aeropress for years, and it's always been a travel / secondary brew method, so I'm still on my original filters, but that is one of the things I love about it

  5. After watching this I just bought the original Aeropress for the first time on Amazon for $31.99, hoping that I'd still get the same things that they used to include, like the filter holder with 350 filters, and they don't include them 🙁

    They only have the same additions that the new Aeropress has. This is a legitimate concern that the company might be selling out

  6. My first aeropress was the 2009 model, clear polyester. The one a just replaced was vintage 2014, quite dark actually, and it was impossible to see what was actually going on when you were pressing the plunger. The numbers faded so much that I could no longer see them, so a month ago I decided to go for a new one, It was at this time that I learned of the new clear model and also of the new Flow Control Filter Cap, Aero’s response to the Fellow Primo. I had been using the Primo because I liked not having coffee dribbling out willy nilly and because I could hear the hiss more clearly. So I got the new Flow Control cap at the same time as the clear new Aero. I discovered that it was not possible to use the Fellow filter because of its rubber rim ring. Even with the Primo cap, which has a groove for it, it will not turn onto the new, clear Aeropress chamber. I can use an ordinary metal filter, but I find that when I get near the hiss point, coffee comes out around the top of the cap. I lose a significant amount of coffee that way. I can reduce it by using the gentling the pressure as much as possible, and recapture the coffee by using a saucer under the receiving cup, but still . . . . Did the new masters of Aeropress want to make it harder to use the Primo? Don't know. I am still experimenting. Any thanks for your review. I also am pretty unhappy at the higher priced, but I do like the clear Triton enough to feel churlish about complaining. I only hope it does not portend an attempt to go after a new, posher clientele at the expense of the existing base, some of which is under the official poverty line.

  7. Looking at their website, seems like the included accessories were also stripped down for the original model 🙁 I got mine as a gift around 6 years ago or so and it included everything that James mentioned missing now + had a carrying bag for when you need to travel.
    This always makes me super sad as a customer – I would understand raising the prices for same products as the time goes on but stripping away what you get while raising the prices is just sad.