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  1. Well, I like the MKO lot because I used it a lot and when I used it, I got better with it and once you get better with it, it’s just overpowered to use so in conclusion for starters the red is better but for once you get used to it for the MK. It’s it’s better in my opinion.

  2. You realize the Red-Eye fire rate was WAYYY slower right? Lol. You keep complaining about Mk fire rate but it’s so much faster than red eye was

  3. The Red eye had a much slower ROF. It was more like pew….pew….pew….pew. this is the MK. It is more like pewpewpewpew. I think you might be referring to the damage dealt. The red eye damage was a little better on damage. But def did not compare to the MK as far as ROF.

  4. He's so impulsive and reactionary with his judgment/opinion. He initially did not like it and literally a few seconds later he is enjoying it…. Reviews like this are silly but I guess it's content for him. People play differently. Some people will like the Alpha, some will hate it. Just because he likes it, doesn't mean it will work for you.

  5. It’s good but you can’t beam players from far away like the red eye. Imo RED EYE WAS THE BEST BEST AR IN THE GAME TO EXIST