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  1. I love native but please make sure that you are well aware of what law suits they are currently facing- These are some of the products that havent been recalled but have been mentioned for PFAS Contamination. Citrus and Herbal Musk Deodorant (Plastic Free)
    Eucalyptus and Mint Deodorant (Plastic Free)
    Sensitive Deodorant – Cucumber Mint
    Sensitive Deodorant – Unscented
    Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant
    Rose Deodorant

    Keep in mind this is almost any brand we buy so just look for the scents to watch out for and keep getting your favorite products.

  2. Where is your dollar store located?
    I noticed some dollar stores have different stuff, from others depending on where you live🤦‍♀️

  3. Budget beauty alert: the spf 30 lip smacker balms are at Dollar Tree, but this is not a typical lip smacker. Very mild grapefruit scent & flavor, no color, gorgeous formula (non vegan tho) rich in several really great oils and beeswax as #1. I like to mix up my occlusives for lips & have petrolatum & beeswax versions handy. Can't resist a good $1.25 spf lippie! Honestly if this were marked as a fancy oil-balm hybrid, it would be trending, the formula is so silky, smooth, & UNsticky.

  4. Sarah Jane- I really need the dimensions on the big tote at 1:10. I have been looking everywhere in FL and can’t find them here. I was hoping they were a certain size so I can put some craft items in them. Please send me the dimensions of both just in case and maybe the sku number. I tried looking for them online but I can’t find them. Thank you 😊

  5. You need to specific the 3$-5$ department at $ tree not everyone has that at there dollar tree

    You of all folks should know dollar tree is $1.25

    What u are displaying is not that

    Nice stuff tho

    Wish we would get that 5$ items we have a 5 below which shows nicer things tho 😮

  6. I’ve purchased at least three packs of the mini gel pens for myself and my daughters and they’ve all worked wonderfully! I think ur right – u must’ve unfortunately picked up a dud! That sucks!👎

  7. It's hard for me to put anything in the ground cause it's all rock 🪨. What can I do to help me put pretty stuff outside. Please help me!