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  1. Did we not learn ANYTHING from ghost and kanan about this MF 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️ nah Rotimi is so dope that you genuinely feel like he's a real life snake 💯‼️

  2. Hadn't felt compelled to "really" listen to Joyner in awhile, kind of as he said went back to listen to old Joyner, but this here it's something special and kept pulling at me until i listened. An amazing song with incredible video production, bro can be so cold with it

  3. Said it b4 say it again. Joyner one of the most underrated lyrist out. And been out for a long time for the newbies lol

  4. Not a super huge rap fan, mostly listen to metal and the like, but this is my first Joyner Lucas song, and damn, I’m gonna have to deep dive, this is phenomenal