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  1. I liked how Ken was a bro to all Ken dudes in Barbieworld, now I want a Ken solo movie, it could be Ryan Gosling with beard and driving cars, being cool, fighting monsters and powerful enemies, and [SPOILER]

    Having his new wife and then Barbie crawling all over Ken but him saying he already loves another woman, and saying, you didn't want me at my worst, you won't have me at my best.

    Because Hollywood writers want to force unhappiness and sadness on people, women and men wanted Ken and Barbie together.

    Why do Hollywood writers want to force unhappiness and sadness on people? Women and men wanted Ken and Barbie together, now I don't want Ken accepting Barbie anymore if she wants him after she gets older after her younger and more beautiful phase is over and used by other men. It would be a humiliation for Ken to accept her after getting older and thinking that Ken is a lesser man to accept that. Ken is cool, ken is handsome, ken is a bro for all ken dudes in barbieland, he just wanted to make the lives of all Ken better and remove them from the frustration, depression and make them be happy men.

  2. He does a roll in front of the "Happy to be me, Barbie" Hoping for more attention from a 6. Sounds about right. That's how guys end up paying child support instead of being with someone they want to marry.

  3. I watched the movie yesterday and I was mouthing all the words to this song (except for the added parts) and it was SO FUN.

  4. This is what all the money and connections and Hollywood intellect can do when they put their mind to it. Magical. It’s an instant classic with an important message for our time. This movie represents the best that Hollywood has to offer… and I am grateful for its existence. All the evidence one could hope for to show generations to come what institutions like Hollywood can do.

  5. I don’t why people were so unhappy knowing he will be Ken. I knew from the beginning he is going to nail this role. And he did 🤩 love his character more then others

  6. Ryan Gosling and this whole number BEST part of the movie! And dear lord who gave Margot the right to be so damn sparkly… she can’t be real