Man arrested after impersonating a police officer on Interstate 17

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Public Safety announced Friday the arrest of 55-year-old Shawn E. Osborn after a motorist caught him on video holding a handgun and claiming he was a police officer.

According to authorities, on June 19 Osborn and an unidentified motorist stopped on an exit ramp Interstate 17 in the area of milepost 317, south of Flagstaff after being involved in a “minor” road-rage incident.

Osborn approached the other motorist’s vehicle with a holstered handgun in his right hand.

During their interaction, the suspect claimed he was a police officer and an undercover detective responding to an emergency call, and claimed the victim could go to jail for obstruction.

When the victim asked to see Osborn’s badge, he returned to his vehicle and drove away.

The victim…


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