Mid-Michigan man, 32, arrested for soliciting nude photos from minors


A 32-year-old Standish man faces felony charges on allegations that he solicited nude photos from minors.

Jordan-Lee Tylor Lutze was arraigned Tuesday, June 6, in the 81st District Court on two counts of accosting a child for immoral purposes, Michigan State Police announced Wednesday.

The investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of the MSP Computer Crimes Unit into Lutze started after authorities learned he was “talking to people under the age of 18 and soliciting them for nude images,” MSP wrote in a Wednesday press release. Digital evidence was then seized from him.

Authorities did not announce when Lutze is due back in court.

In light of the crime, the MSP Computer Crimes Unit encouraged parents to speak to their children about the safe use of the internet.

Many resources are available to parents to assist in keeping children safe online. The MSP Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force provided resources at Michiganicac.com.

Anyone with information regarding possible child sexual exploitation should report it to the CyberTipLine at missingkids.org/cybertipline.

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