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  1. Carbon fiber bicycle handlebars have a very specific torque rating for the stem clamp bolts. Carbon fiber molded into a tube can be very strong along its length, but is quite fragile in clamping (crushing) force. If you over tighten those bolts you can fracture the structure, making it quite dangerous to use. Applying atmospheric pressure to this submersible is very similar. The trouble with carbon is that you typically can't see the failure, as there are many layers of fiber in the construction, and only some of them could be damaged. When it lets go, it usually is catastrophic/sudden. It doesn't deform or bend, its simply fails when its pushed past peak load. I'm blown away that someone thought this was an appropriate material to use in this application. This is so sad, but also not surprising.

  2. Honestly human kind needs to adapt their not things we are meant to see or know about . Letting those people rest and leaving the ocean it is its own world and we can disturb it that’s why

  3. I have one question I think the team must know when the titan imploded because It must've released all of the oxygen in the sub when imploded the team on the surface must've noticed that but they said nothing on the matter and there was a secondary communication in it's own vacuum chamber which can't go bad if they lost connection with secondary device that also means that sub is down.
    The team on the surface should've transparent about all of this and what happened to their bodies are they still down there? poor dudes now food of ocean dwellers RIP 😥😥

  4. All Titanic or Titan named machines or missions are doomed. Stop using that name!😡
    On the other hand it could be an excellent ploy to have a new start. Nobody died in this hoax and only an empty coffin like sub was blown. Nobody was in there. They possibly got new passports and took off in a ship to a prechosen destination where they will begin a new life with new names and identities. No tax problems no spouse problems . No government problems . Start fresh in EVERYTHING , like being born all over again , with of course millions of dollars stashed away ( they were all billionaires )
    This was an effing hoax

  5. One and a half million dollars spent on 5 millionaire and billionares… relive and gloat over the horrific tragedy people endured…..
    Millions of children and people…….starving….to death every moment of our lives……
    Can you imagine how much…..benefit people sitting on mountains of millions of dollars….how much they can benefit others sharing this earth……….in the blink of an eye…..they are gone…..karma….

  6. The rescue people heard some banging during the start of the rescue. Maby the peplole were alive at first. But after they understood that the air would be gone way before they could be rescued, they decided to make the sub implode to make the death instant instead of suffocating to death.

  7. “Ocean Gate, we have a problem.” Billionaire on Billionaire Crime. “Titanic Failure”. Ironic that Billionaires went cheap on the production which cost the lives of fellow Billionaires.Didn’t realize Camping World was a deep sea diving company. Who knew ? Wow ! The CEO of OceansGate was on that sub. At least he had skin( diving ) in the game. Stockton was “Rush”ing this sub into production. I sea ( see ) the "wreck”-cluse, rarely seen deep sea animals, too. Future Titanic Tours are a BOGO ( 2 Wrecks for One ). More plaques down there than at a dentist’s office. Two Groups who aren’t crying ? The Inheritors and The Lawyers. “Red Rover Red Rover let …come over”. As I stepped into the mini-sub and took one look at the video game controller steering the mini-sub, I would have turned around and said, “I’m OUTTA Here !” One less person in Stockton, CA ! Don’t”Rush” to put “STOCK” in OceanGate !! It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to build a mini-sub. Oh wait ! He WAS one !! How’d that work out for him ? Gotta wonder where he placed in his graduating class, C- ? ( Sea Minus ? ). “The Best Seat in The House” was when you’re taking a dump ? For $ 250K ticket ??!!! “Please ! OKahy? Please!”- Mike Francesa of WFAN. ONLY SEVEN (7) Safety Redundancies ? Plans had called for 8 of them. Just sayin’. Stockton Rush: “It’s way safer than a helicopter.” Oh yeah ? Go tell that to Kobe Bryant ( Jan 2020 ) ! I “wreck”-on it’s time to surface. “Remember The Titan(ic)s” ; “We All Live on The Yellow Submarine", “Instant Karma’s gonna get you…”- The Beatles