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  1. I don’t know why, but when scene of the kids playing shows up, when one of them gives the other and among us toy, it almost made me tear up.

  2. Another thing the show hints at is that in the episode Helicopter, Winton’s (The English Bulldog) parents are divorced and he lives with his dad. He says this when him and Bluey are playing helicopter on a stump. Winton almost falls of the stump but blues saved him while controlling the helicopter and Winton tells Bluey to go to his dads because he has a pool he can jump into. Bluey asks where and Winton says, “I don’t know, I know that he doesn’t live with my mom”.

  3. Hey odds one out I made my first YouTube video i and I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me also sorry if this is self promotion

  4. I'd wager a bet that the character who was Argentinian was changed due to the extreme political raging in the US that is going on about Central and South American immigrants right now.

  5. i personally love the show although i only told my fiend who also watches it because i thought id be jugded for watching it

  6. i just clicked on this video to see what the hell bluey even is because i keep getting blasted in the face with it everywhere i go now a days. 😂

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