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  1. Few things:
    1. I love the fact that Emma Stone full on tackled Willem Dafoe at the start of the trailer.
    2. The Duck/Dog animals are nightmare fuels.
    3. LOVE the use of color in this trailer.
    4. Is Mark Ruffalo doing a weird Marlon Brando “STELLA!!!” Thing at the end?
    5. I think Ramy Youssef is gonna be a surprise and the breakout from this movie.

  2. I did not realise they'd released a trailer for this. Alasdair Gray is absolutely my favourite author, so to see that this adaptation seems to be doing his work justice is very heartening.

  3. I so want to see this film if for no other reason it would because of making Emma Stone unattractive is an achievement all on its own, so the thinking go's, "man if they can do that with HER…the screen play must be the boom!!"

  4. I remember people walking out of the Lobster. I forget if I did or not. It was that forgettable. That movie was too clever in the director's mind. The Favourite was a blast though. I get the feeling Poor Things will steer in the direction of The Favourite.

  5. emma stone is completely out acting every single person in this trailer and she’s doing it so effortlessly. her performance is gonna be insane and will likely earn her oscar number 2.