Rangers searching for body of San Diego State alum lost in swift waters at Yosemite National Park – NBC 7 San Diego

A San Diego State grad on an annual hiking trip with friends in Yosemite National Park was swept away by swift waters, and his father says search and rescue teams have shifted their focus to a recovery mission.

Hayden Klemenok, 24, disappeared two days ago while on a hiking trip with college friends in Yosemite National Park.

The family, while hopeful, doesn’t expect him to be found alive.

Yosemite’s raging rivers and creeks filled with melted snow have turned the iconic beauty into treacherous hiking trails.

Hayden Klemenok’s father Kevin Klemenok told NBC 7 it was the swift-running Chilnualna Falls Creek that got hold of his son and didn’t let go.

Eyewitness accounts indicate Hayden Klemenok got down on all fours by the swift water to get his head wet or a drink before he was swept away.

Hayden Klemenok’s hiking companions raced after him, according to his father, but could not catch up before he disappeared.

Kevin Klemenok told NBC 7 while they remain hopeful, after a difficult update from Park Rangers, the search has become a recovery…

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