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  1. I love the part when all these comments stopped
    Y’all need to calm down
    Also we are still getting pve just not the skill trees so stop saying stuff like “oh it’s all canceled”

  2. It really is a shame, this battlepass has some amazing skins, but I cant bring myself to buy it, since I don’t want to support the greedy overlords of Blizzard + Activision.

  3. I love the part where the April Fools Hanzo said "NOMNOMNOMOMOMOMOMOMO" as the dragons ate all the pve files.

  4. I love the part where Cassidy said "Step right out" and everyone at the PVE developer team stepped out of Blizzard.

  5. This company, and its core development team is a joke. Quit your jobs, and work somewhere reputable that doesn't hate its community.

  6. Hey blizzard, I have an idea for the next Halloween terrors of overwatch two you should make Junkinstein’s revenge part three where the new healer and some other characters have to make their way through the black forest and find off the reincarnated Junkinstein‘s zomnic’s and then get to the Lair, and then fight off the bride who was brought back from the dead and Junkinstein’s creation once those two are down, then the heroes will have to face the exterminators and the banshee once they defeated those they can fight their reincarnated Junkinstein and save atlas Bruyne from any terrors for now