2023 GHSA Basketball Championships – Day 2

The GHSA High School Basketball Championships for 2023 are being held over four days, and this is day two. The championship is sponsored by Bradyfest Management, the official sponsor of high school basketball. The host, John Nelson, is on live throughout the week, and he is excited to see who will win the last game of the year. The games are broadcast on all the GPB networks and the networks will host games five to eight, all of which will be decided today.

The first game of the day is the girl’s match in double-A, featuring Banks County and Mount Perrin Christian, held in the Macon Coliseum. Mount Perrin Christian is the defending champion and has a young team that plays with a fast-paced tempo. Banks County, on the other hand, prefers a slower pace so it will be interesting to see how both teams adjust to each other’s style of play. There is a lot of youth on both teams, but the key player for Mount Perrin Christian is Jessica Field. She is their leading scorer and rebounder, and is known for her excellent footwork, hands, and shot blocking. On the Banks County side, Cameron Greer is the main player to watch. She is a senior who has been starting since her freshman year and has over a thousand points and rebounds.

The match officials are Brian Cole, Brian Fitzgerald, and Jill Poole. Stephanie Dunn coaches Mount Perrin Christian, while Steve Shed heads Banks County. Banks County is in white trimmed in blue, and Mount Perrin Christian is in black trimmed in blue.

The game begins with Mount Perrin Christian getting the ball first. Banks County is playing in a 2-3 zone. Fields tries to pass inside to Humann, but the ball is tipped away and Banks County gets the turnover. However, they return the ball to Mount Perrin Christian immediately when Riley Murphy passes it too quickly, and it falls off the hands of an incoming player.

Greer is fouled, and she sinks the first of two free throws to put Banks County on the board first. Fields touches the ball every time it comes down, but her pass to Alexander is too hot, and it results in another turnover. This is the second turnover seen so far in the match.

Overall, it seems to be an interesting match with a contrast of styles between the two teams. The game promises to be exciting as it is the first of four games for the day, and all eyes are watching to see which team takes home the win.

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