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Google Offers Summer Program to Atlanta Public Students

As the school year winds down, many students are looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation away from textbooks and classrooms. However, students in Atlanta public schools have the opportunity to continue their learning through a special summer program offered by Google.

The Grow with Google summer program is designed to provide premier training to high school juniors in South Atlanta. Students who participate will earn certifications that could help ensure higher salaries when they enter the workforce after graduation.

The program is open to any student who is 16 or older and offers five different courses that can be taken at the student’s own pace, from the comfort of their own home. The courses focus on topics such as program management and UX design, and a cybersecurity certification was recently added. The program lasts for two months over the summer.

Students who complete the program will earn certificates that could set them apart from other job candidates and help them land higher-paying positions. According to research, the average income in the city of Atlanta is around $40,000, but students who graduate with these certifications could earn starting salaries of up to $60,000 a year.

The Atlanta Public School superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring, has praised the program as a powerful partnership between the district and corporate companies. She believes that programs such as this one are preparing students for college, careers, and life.

The students who are participating in the program are excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and earn valuable certifications. One student who hopes to pursue a career in sports medicine sees the program as a way to open doors to side hustles and entrepreneurship.

The window to apply for the program is open until May 31st, and any Atlanta public school student who is interested can apply. Beyond the tangible benefits of earning certifications and potentially securing higher-paying jobs, the program is providing an opportunity for students to dive deeper into their education and learn about emerging fields such as AI and cybersecurity.

Overall, the Grow with Google summer program is providing valuable training and skills to students who may not have access to such resources otherwise and is helping prepare them for success in whatever futures they choose to pursue.

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