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  1. EVERYONE in these comments section forgot it’s Ubisoft. Watch Dunkey’s Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer video. Where the perfect gameplay in trailers is actually mediocre jank on release
    – remember Rainbow Six Siege trailers?
    – remember every ubisoft trailer ever?

  2. No one’s gonna say: this looks like a vertical slice?

    no low res textures ANYWHERE, no jagged edges, no wonky animations.

    100:1 that the final game looks or plays like this

  3. So … easy mode? seems you one shot kill them all, and no one can hit you. But you get to take your adorable pet anywhere. I rate this 'meh'.

  4. This game looks extremely good. Ubisoft usually makes trailers look unbelievable then upon release everything is downgraded sadly.

  5. It looks good, but I hope it has good transportation and fast travel. Also, if we can change between each character I would probably main the droid

  6. Ppl forget For Honor and 🌈 6 …2 games that didn't start great but with much love still have a good player base to this day
    (HUGE For Honor fan BTW)

  7. Ich habe absolut Verständnis dafür, dass es bei Computerspielen gemäß der Gleichberechtigung von Mann und Frau weibliche Spielfiguren gibt. Aber wieso kann man nicht auch einen männlichen Spieler spielen. Ich habe als Mann kein Bock drauf eine Frau zu spielen. Das ist für mich ein K.O. Kriterium. Schade, ist bestimmt ein tolles Spiel.

  8. Actually looks interesting. The ship design is so bland for Star Wars though, it's a shame the same creativity isn't there anymore

  9. Okay, the music really stands out to me most on this one. The transitions between actions is a bit choppy, but everything else is so fire!

  10. This game looks like it belongs more in starfield than it does Star Wars, clearly very little effort was put into the lore and aesthetics, where is the character customization? The open world aspect? The force powers? Or hell even a non set protagonist

  11. This looks really cool but why is there no health bar, stamina bar, magic bar, mini map, multiple objective markers, tip window pop-up?

  12. So literally hundreds of species to choose from and you stick us with a human? Why not make it like every other game out there but better with custom character options. I was excited untill I found this out.