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  1. It has absolutely nothing to do with this clip, BUT, a RedBull ad popped up right before and it finally dawned on me that the reason the slogan is, "RedBull gives u wings", is true because by drinking it, your slowly poisoning yourself.. I prefer Monster Rehabs but even that isnt good for me, but RedBull is DEFINITELY worse the those…And now back to your normally scheduled ESPN video comments sections.

  2. Wilt, russell, Kareem, shaq, Hakeem, I’m sorry I cannot put him above them. Possibly 6th which is amazing. He has to be docked for his competition at his position. And I hope someone brings up wilts or Russell’s competition because they had some talented centers. But I love jokers play style and how stoic he is. He never seems rattled. Man is very talented.

  3. I like JJ a lot for what he brings to the show, but here he’s challenging Stephen A for the simple fact that the guy has a preference. I even admit it that his preference for Shaq is purely based on personal taste.

  4. JJ got racial issues..
    Everybody got an opinion. The attacks he's bringing on people for not picking Jokic as their favorite center..
    We know Shaq was that dude, hands down

  5. Jokic is good but I think the stats are lifting him higher then what he really is. The big man role has evolved. Assists, perimeter play, shooting, etc. it is not the same. The traditional big man that lasted for decades is dead. Do the stats reflect that? Absolutely. I’ll stick pick legendary bigs over jokic any day. Regardless if he can shoot the 3 or the mid. Regardless if he has incredible court vision and passing ability. I’d take Jokic in todays game but if you come pare him to the best it’s not even close. Too many names come before his.

  6. Shaq wasn't very skilled..his shooting sucked !! He bullied his way physically to the basket. So i dont put shaq in the equation of best "SKILLED" big man..the dream haleem olajuan was very skilled like Jokic is

  7. Olajuwon has the most blocks in NBA history and is clearly the greatest defensive center of all time. That’s half the game. Tell Yokic to get a quadruple double or a 5×5, which Olajuwon has the most of in NBA history. Jokic is the model for the future, but you gotta play both ends of the ball.

  8. Correct me here/ fill the gaps. These are all average stats per game –

    Best Post game – Olajuwon
    Best Assists – Jokic
    Most Dominant – Shaq
    Most Rebounds – Shaq?
    Most blocks – Motumbo?
    Most steals?
    Most Points – Jokic/ Shaq/ Embiid/ Olajuwon?
    Most Championships – Bill Russel
    Most 3's – Rasheed Wallace?
    Most MVP awards?
    Most Olympic championships won?
    Highest reviews by teammates?
    Most feared in the league? – Shaq

    So how do we grade the best big man to ever play the game?

  9. I think JJ had no reason to come at SAS. I think SAS was just explaining his past criticisms to Jokic. I almost always agree with JJ but he also was trying to imply that Jokic was same dominance level as Shaq. Like SAS said Shaq is 1 of 1 in terms of dominance. Im also a lifelong Nuggets fan and not some coping Lakers fan

  10. Joker is 28 years old, its not the right time to compare him to players been doing it for over 20 years. The question is ridiculous!

  11. Jokic is not the best center ever yet. If he gets at least 2 more championships and continues his outrageous numbers, I would consider him as the best ever.

  12. Wilt chamberlain was and is the greatest center it’s not even a fair debate! And anyone that disagrees doesn’t know real basketball or understand stats and athletic ability!

  13. Saying Jokic is the best big man in the NBA is an uphill battle at best because the NBA is a history of great big men who pulled off the impossible and made it look easy. However, saying the Jokic is the most versatile big man in NBA history is an easier claim. Saying Jokic is the best big passer, best big play-maker, and the best big deep shooter is easier to prove with his numbers the 2023 playoffs and finals. It's easy to claim that Jokic is consistent by the numbers.

  14. Joker got a long way to go before he's up there with Wilt & Kareem. a few more titles. he's off to a great start though.

  15. JJ Reddit thought the last 15 years is the greatest thing that ever happen to sport. Recency nut riding is unreal

  16. I wanna see how jokic look when playoff teams start grabbing bigger defensive centers to match up with jokic, he basically been playing against PFs while the other great centers were going against each other