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  1. CBS I need to understand why you would cancel a show like SWAT that has awesome ratings, amazing cast & literally never has a bad episode?? This is such a huge mistake! Like I could see if the show was just iffy but this show is incredible!! Never a bad or boring episode ever! In 6 seasons! Why would you wanna cancel a show that successful??? Even Shemar Moore said it would be a major mistake to cancel the show!

  2. This is honestly better than any lyric filled number. Ariana was a dancer first, and she's defo a triple threat, but it's SO NICE to see her go back to her roots.

  3. Just further proof of the folks that preach Diversity, Acceptance, Inclusion are the biggest most perverse violators of it. Woke is nothing but trash.

  4. One of the best Tony Awards shows ever. No offense to my brothers in the WGA, but let's keep the Tonys banter-free from now one. The shows was dignified, funny, and on-point throughout; and less spoken banter among presenters can probably mean there'll will be time in the broadcast for one more musical number(?).
    Bravo American Theatre Wing!!

  5. I have an amazing story. One day I was driving home and I felt the presence of the Lord, come down to me from above. It was as real as anything and I felt so comfortable with Him.
    I knew if I asked Him to play a song on the radio, He would.
    So I said "Ok Lord, play Come as you are…"
    I didn't know what station it was on or anything, but I turned the radio on and the song started playing right on the spot, perfectly…
    I started getting flooded with chills inside, trembling, and crying tears of joy. When I got home, He stayed with me for 10 minutes till I got out of the car.

    I've been getting amazing prayers answered for around 5 years since, because that experience made me stop doubting when I pray, and I follow Biblical instructions, best I can.