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  1. I was in bfe, my battery broke free, somehow lit the actual block with charge and the engine ground starting burning and killed the motor, tipped the battery back up all good, other thing is gasket around fuel injectors, two most common fires, battery or fuel leakage

  2. well as the other smaller mishaps during the ride. He was calm and knew exactly what needed to be done to keep people going and having a safe time out there.

  3. General tranny theory states that "flushing" a trans poses the risk of dislodging particulate that would cause blocked passages…further, higher than trans spec pressures from flushing process can damage trans components. …don't beileve me ?? look it up !!

  4. Dude seriously, don't over complicate the compressors with crap that can break/fry/short out. Big freaking toggle switches on the dash are all you need. Want fancy, get chrome. want safety so they don't go off when you need them on all the time, put them in upside down with those red rocket launch covers on them… Always on unless you pop them UP. YOu can even get those covers in PURPLE. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love how you guys had so much fun and a fire with the TRAIL BYPASS… LOL. supposed to get easier? Never does…
    GOtta love Paul, that guy has to be worth his weigh in gold… Always happy, and always, hey we can fix that!

  5. Now this is worth watching!! Thanks Rudy for showing us all of it!! Even the OH SHIT moments!! Thatโ€™s what we wanna see!! Not just all the glory moments but all the moments!!

  6. Man that S10 is squeaker than the titanic. Hey buddy take a few minutes and LUBE that thing. Really nice looking rig though

  7. That's showing a lack of moral fortitude putting up a false misleading Title like you have, i wouldn't give up my moral fortitude for one subscriber, one view, one like… iv'e seen videos of guys lighting up their farts showing more flame than your "near disaster"

  8. Electrical engineer here. Iโ€™m betting you have significant air leakage that doesnโ€™t allow the system to pressure up and shut off the compressor.

  9. you got a air leak maybe cause if the locker/lockers are leaking they will bleed pressure through the diff vent hoses you may not hear it with the Jeep running