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  1. Nice slow, careful talk . “How it happened” suggest explanation – of how – this Attempts to tell us ‘what ‘ happened — as we all know – no added value here.

  2. Yet another tragic event serving as a dog whistle for institutions to improve their safety measures. While this was unprecedented, the people who were monitoring the submarine should have accounted for the possibility that diving too deep in the ocean would destroy it. My heart goes out to all affected parents, children, relatives and friends of these victims.

  3. I might get a lot of hate for this but it’s is somewhat poetic to know that they will be close to where they were trying to get

  4. Thank you CBC for explaining this information really simple and easy to understand.. My Deepest condolences for all the families..

  5. Died when they stepped in how tragic
    Why you don’t mess with the ocean and leave it to mainly machines
    Could have been stopped, but money talks for this society

  6. Sending 💖💝💗To ALL the beautiful perished souls of The Titanic and the Titan. And to my father who died at sea. Farewell. You are remembered. May there be safety protections followed as technology & advancements for mankind are made or discovered…

  7. Well? Now they're gonna get sued by Families. To which, will go out of business.

    Just think of it, as the twin towers of the world trade center how it crushes you. That's worst than an empire state building.

  8. The ceo didn't want 50 year old white guys involved in the mix because it wasn't "inspiring". So WOKE he imploded.

  9. Sea exploration is still in a stage like White Brothers trying on flying craft. Need to win cooperation of sea science.

  10. Not a fan of the CBC in general but this is one of the most competent, legit , fair and care way of delevering informations.

    The skill of this guy are genuine.
    He have a bright future.

  11. Can someone pls put the creator of this submarine in jail like tf was he thinking when making this. Wether the people were rich or not imagine making something so childish and then selling it off as something safe and cool.

  12. billionaires got robbed , what do you expect if they robb the vulnerable poor working people and suffocating the poor depriving them from basic privaladges

  13. As someone who has a dad. My dad guessed from the start that it had imploded. I even did too! I'm only going to 7th grade and we both knew that ocean water pressure exists! But how can the coast guards just let something not labled by anyone as 'safe to go underwater or in water' INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN?

  14. This is so sad to hear. Thanks for explaining this. There are still a lot of questions that don't make sense with it all. My condolences, also, to the families. God bless them!

  15. There is a mystery that any thing which relates with the Name "Titan" Can't Survive on The Great God's Sea. Once there was A "Titanic" means Exceptional Strength and Power, Its builder also claimed that Titanic was unsinkable. And Now Its "Titan" We Should Think About it God Doesn't Like Our Claims to be Devine

  16. Mankind does not belong that far under the water. We are designed land creatures. This is for fish the air is for birds but you can't stop what some people called PROGRESS. History proves man does not learn from history. Sadly more disasters will follow on land sea and air its just a fact that history proves true. I'm sorry for the families.

  17. What happened? It wasn’t built properly to repeatedly drop to the bottom of the deep ocean and imploded and killed 5 on board.

  18. We shouldn't call it experimental. He wasn't testing anything we didn't already know. He just built something that was guaranteed to fail and 'experimented' with how many dives he could get away with.

  19. The Coast guard did hear the implosion, when it happen 1 hour 45 min down, we hve sonar down there 24/7 in case of our enemies strike,so thy heard it loud n clear Sunday when contact was lost, this was said already, so when contact was lost James has ins to intel , he new Monday when he found out about the whole scenario thy were gone, why thy led people to believe there was hope is another story & kind of hearytess to draw this horrific tragedy out more then it should of been!!!

  20. All the experts who knew what happened said it happened on the 1st day of the dive so this whole media charade was exactly that, it was known from day 1