4 injured after crane partially collapses in Midtown | FOX 5 News

In a breaking news report, Fox 5 News shared that emergency crews were on the scene of a partially collapsed crane at a construction site in Midtown Atlanta. The incident occurred on West Peachtree Street and resulted in multiple injuries to construction workers. Video footage from a viewer showed workers leaving the building, while at the scene, several first responders were seen providing assistance.

Reports state that four people were injured in the incident, and the cause of the collapse is currently under investigation. It appears that part of the crane structure may have been involved in the incident, but the extent of the damages is not yet clear.

The incident occurred shortly before 2:30 pm on the day of the report, just as rush hour was about to begin. As a result, West Peachtree Street was closed to traffic between 10th and 12th Street. Despite the disruption, people on the scene appeared calm, although somewhat confused about what had happened. Witnesses on the ground were interviewed in an attempt to shed light on the situation.

A resident living inside the building where the incident occurred was interviewed and stated that she was working when she heard a loud crash. The building then started shaking, and she walked outside to see what was happening. A construction worker informed her that part of the crane had collapsed, and four people were injured. A firefighter then came to her door and instructed her to evacuate.

The atmosphere and situation on the ground in Midtown were described as being tense but relatively calm as people continued their day, with some stopping to stare and wonder what had happened. Officials are continuing their investigation, and the situation and extent of the damages are still being assessed.

This incident serves as a reminder of the inherent dangers involved in construction work, not only for the workers themselves but also for those in close proximity. It is fortunate that no fatalities occurred in this incident, and authorities will work to ensure that necessary steps are taken to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

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